Saturday, January 19, 2008

Value our Heritage

Local heritage received overwhelming support and appreciation from Stockport residents, a new survey has revealed.
The survey (The Public and Cultural Value of Heritage) was done to investigate the importance of heritage in relation to lifelong learning, tourism and the local economy.

According to its findings 98 percent of the respondents agreed that heritage helps them or their children learn about the past and 88 percent agree that heritage encouraged lifelong learning. It also revealed that 92 percent of the public agreed that heritage attractions improve tourism and almost 100 percent support the need to preserve Stockport's heritage for Future generations.

The development work is part of an on going programme in Stockport to demonstrate the importance of culture and the arts in forging stronger communities.
(Extract from the Stockport Times)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

County 125.

125 years of Stockport County Football Club was celebrated at the first home game of the New Year by the unveiling of a Stockport Heritage Trust Blue Plaque.

The Trust was represented by Phil Rowbotham on the left and the team rose to the occasion by beating Morecambe two goals to one.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Heritage Issues on the St. Thomas' Site

There are four main Victorian buildings on this site, which formed part of the original 1841 Workhouse complex and these are to be restored and adapted for the College.

As part of the overall heritage strategy it is proposed to use a space within the former Workhouse as a Historical Exhibition Centre and this will be open to staff and students as well as members of the public. It will contain and exhibit old photographs and records of the Workhouse.

In the last year several Victorian items were found within the original workhouse buildings. They provide an historic insight into Victorian times and include some old shoes and aprons, belonging to inmates, a Victorian Christmas card, newspapers dated 1889 and several old clay pipes. These have been loaned to the Stockport Story Museum but will be returned, for display, when work is complete.

Work to replace the roof and restore the exterior of the 1841 buildings will start in February 2008 and should be complete by October the same year.

(This information was taken from 'Flagship' the college's own magazine).