Monday, April 29, 2013

Stockport Building Preservation Trust

The arrival of Stockport's Mayor and Mayoress Wendy and Claire Meikle, at Woodbank Hall on Sunday 28th April, heralded the launch of the Woodbank Trail leaflet as well as the beginning of the Stockport Buildings Preservation Trust which has been set up in order to obtain grants and hopefully save and find a use for Woodbank Hall.

The Stockport Heritage Trust was there with a display of maps and models explaining about the water tunnels under and connected with  Woodbank Hall which was built by Peter Marsland, a cotton magnate, in 1812.

As well as giving demonstrations as to how you can bent metal coat hangers and turn them into divining rods to locate the position of the water tunnels.

There was also a selection of related books for sale and Jim Clare can be seen here explaining a map of the Woodbank Estate.