Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Heritage Magazine in the Shops This Week !!

The Stockport Heritage magazine, winter issue, is in the shops this week.

It contains stories of -

Stockport County's Celebrations
Tiviot Dale's 'Cathedral'
Offerton's Spies
Woodley's Ghost
Seventeen Windows, Marple
18th C. Traffic Jams on Hillgate
and much more.

Stitchers Finish First Bed Curtain

This is the first replica 17th Century bed hanging to be completed by the Staircase Stitchers. Motifs were embroidered individually by the Stitchers before being appliqued onto the large linen curtain fabric, which had the central tree and grassy base outlined. After almost a year of preparation (including creation of the many motifs), the actual stitching onto the curtain fabric has taken two years to complete.

It will be displayed temporarily at the head of the carved bed in Staircase House provided by Stockport Heritage Trust, until a second curtain, already well on it's way, can enable them hang on either side of the bed head.