Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring 2009 Magazine - Out Now !

The latest issue of the Stockport Heritage Magazine is in the shops now.

If you buy it from The Heritage Centre in St. Mary's Church, the Trust gets a percentage of all sales.

Read about -
Evacuees in Stockport
Heaton Norris School
The Cheshire's in Ireland
Vernon Park childhood
Heaviley Hall
Murder on Great Egerton St.
Offerton Fold
Joseph Dean's legacy at Cheadle Heath
A Skeleton in Offerton
St Mark's School Bredbury

If you are not a resident of Stockport, you can buy your magazine from the website listed in our links on the right of this page.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rochdale Trip

Ten Trust members turned out for a day in Rochdale.

Quite a surprising town, with a beautiful Town Hall, Norman Church and the Touchstone Museum as well as the Pioneers Museum, housed inside the first Co-operative store. There was lots to see.

They also claim to have the widest bridge in Europe at 445 metres.

Can Stockport challenge that claim?

Does anyone know how wide the Mersey Bridge it?
Thank you Kevin for organising another successful trip.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Final Gravestone Transcribed

The project to catalogue the gravestones around St. Mary's Church on the Market Place is almost complete. After a great deal of hard work by Jill Trumble and Nuala Kay, the last stone was transcribed on 27th February.

The information complements the copy of the burial records in the Heritage Centre, which has already been of great use to visitors researching their family history.

The inscription on the last stone reads as follows:
(....... = erosion)

In Memory of

(carved picture of a bell)

George Smith who was a Ringer
at this Church fifty years.
He died whilst ringing
for Divine service Jan 10th 1836
aged 68 years
Take ye heed......and pray for ye
I know not when.......Mark 13. v. 33