Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Poisoned school site is a ‘minefield’"

THE site of a new £5million primary school to be built on a former dump site has been branded a "toxic minefield".
Furious Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne said plans to expose 550 young children to deadly poisons lurking beneath the site at Harcourt Street, Reddish were "outrageous".
Experts found dangerous contaminants in boreholes which included deposits of benzo-pyrene, which can cause bladder, skin and lung cancer.
And two hotspots in the holes drilled reveal high levels of deadly arsenic, nickel and lead.
The Greater Manchester Geological Unit’s report stated: "If all the remediation recommendations provided in the report are followed, it can be concluded that the site may be developed safely, and may be considered suitable for use."
[Click the headline for the full story on the Stockport Express website.]

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mersey memo

fishing pier on the River MerseyWhat's this? A fishing pier on the Mersey? Has it occurred to the Council that the Mersey can be seen as something postive, not just something to hide with shopping centres and industrial estates? Difficult to believe.

But talking of industrial estates, not far away new offices are being built next to the River.
new development
Walking further west, I finally found the reputed WWII emplacement for an anti-tank gun, reported in April, after looking for it each time I went for a walk this way. It is much more over grown than shown on the WWII pillbox site.

This is next to the recent work to shore up the river banks. The grass is slowly taking hold of the bare banks and Himalayan balsam is growing just as fast. I thought that when work was done on river banks, action was supposed to be taken to deter alien invasive plants. The balsam seems to have benefited from this work. I don't know if anyone is planning action to rescue the Mersey Banks. But if you feel inspired to take action against this invade, you might want to participate in the "Alien Invader" action days at Reddish Vale on June 17, July 8 & 16. See Future Events.
- Bill

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Save North Reddish School

[Quoted from the BBC Action Network. Click on the headline to see the site.]
We want to prevent our local council from closing our 98 year old primary school and amalgamating with another school in new premises, creating a very large building, with possibly 650 pupils
our school is a very special place. It is a beautiful Edwardian building. During the 1st World War, it was used as a military hospital, and it contains a memorial to those who served and died in the war from our area. It is a very popular school and the children love being there. The construction of a new school will cost council tax payers millions of pounds and it is possible that playing fields will need to be sold to fund it. We do not feel it would benefit our children attending such a large school.

The Railway is June's Pub of the Month

The Stockport & South Manchester has once again voted The Railway as its Pub of the Month, however, this is the first time it has achieved this accolade under its new landlord, Martin Wood, saying that he has arguably surpassed the high standards seet by his predecessors.
To enjoy this pub, you may need to get there fast. According to Opening Times, June 2006, "The long planned redevelopment of the area may now be rather more imminent that has been the case and the Railway might now have only 12 months or so left."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fred Perry's Stockport roots

[Excerpt from Cheshire Life June '06]
Cheshire's Wimbledon champion was not a typical tennis player of his time. The All England Lawn Tennis Club was a bastion of privilege and gave a cool welcome to this son of a cotton spinner, when Perry won the men's title in 1934.
While he relaxed in the bath after his victory, a member of the All England committee presented the champagne to the loser, Australian Jack Crawford, merely draping the winner's tie over a chair without even a handshake. Perry overheard the Wimbledon official congratulating Crawford saying, "This is one day when the best man didn't win."
The 'rebel from the wrong side of the tennis tramlines' was born on May 18th, 1909 at 98 Carrington Road, Portwood. His father was a committed socialist and an official of the Co-operative Party, affiliated to the Labour Party.
Sam Perry was not easily overshadowed by his tennis playing son. He was president of his trades union at the age of 21 and a magistrate before he was 30, the youngest on the Stockport bench. Sam stood unsuccessfully for one of the two Stockport seats in the 1923 general election.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Business set to boom in Castle St

[Excerpt from Stockport Times 25/05/06]
Edgeley is Stockport's oldest shopping centre in terms of the age of it's buildings. This had seen it become outdated and previously there was a high vacancy rate for its units. But following a £1m investment to improve seating, lighting, access and the general environment on Castle St a coucil survey has found occupancy rates and footfall increased.

Labour honours its eldest members

George Wardle, Stockport MP from 1906 to 1920, is the subject of a chapter written by Ann Coffey MP in a new book "Men Who Made Labour".
Mr Wardle began work in a woollen factory aged only eight-years-old and later became a railway clerk, following his father into the railway industry. He was a poet, preacher and journalist, as well as an MP and government minister in the 1917 coalition government, although he eventually fell out with his party and his trade union.

[Click the image or the headline for the full Stockport Express story.]

Terrorising terrapins

IMMIGRANT terrapins have been devastating the duckling population in Bramall Park.
The carnivorous creatures are not native to the UK but have somehow managed to set up home in both of Bramall Park's lakes.
Since their introduction, the turtle-like species of American origin have been feasting on the local bird population and park users now want them gone.

[Click the image or the headline for the full Stockport Express story.]

Dreamers star Freddie dies, aged 69

During his time as a famous popstar, Freddie lived in Gatley, and was well known there and in other parts of Stockport. Offerton Community Council secretary and local historian, Ray Preston, recalled the time that the diminutive 5ft 4ins singer opened a shop in Offerton.
"It was called The Little Red Donkey and was in the Offerton Shopping Precinct around the time it first opened in the 1970s," said Ray. "It sold good quality children's clothes and was open for about four or five years. I think Freddie came to the opening and of course he had people running it for him," he added.

[Click the image or the headline for the full Stockport Express story.]

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gorsey Bank Planning Brief

I have a copy of the Gorsey Bank Planning Brief. I hope I am not treading on the toes of Kevin, our Conservation Officer, I just made a query to my local councillor about the fate of the Gorsey Bank footbridge.

I learn that the footbridge is thought to have been built sometime between 1872 and 1892. According to the council, it is in need of repair or replacement. They hope that the developer of Gorsey Bank site (shown in the background of Allen's photo) will pay for a new bridge.

The development will cover the brownfield sites which were once:
the notorious Gorsey Bank housing estate;
as well as Cheshire Mill; and
Gorsey Bank Cotton Mill.

Brinksway House, 17/7/05It also implies the demolition of Brinksway House, currently a window blind showroom amongst other functions, but is described as of no particular interest of merit. I think that is a bit harsh.

The site also includes the playground associated with the Pavilion. So, while that will be lost, it must be compensated for by an equivalent area of open land in the development, and the developer must invest in improved facilities for the disused bowling green in Gorsey Bank Park, which is outside the development.

The brief states that the development should be attractive and might include an iconic building (like the Pyramid is an iconic building for the Brinksway development) because it will be visible from the M60 and the Trans Pennine Trail.

There will be an 'informal recreation area' on the south bank of the Mersey (it already is for the local youths).

In the unlikely eventuality of Metrolink being built to Didsbury and then extended to Stockport, the last stop prior to Stockport bus station will be at this bridge. Which, as the brief admits, means that until that time public transport links will be poor.

The site includes a number of mature trees, but the brief notes that none of them have preservation orders.

Reasons why the Abney Park cycleway was unacceptable

I have recieved from Christine Hession of Withington, a response February's posting Success for Friends of Abney Park, which asked why did the Friends object to the proposed cycleway.
Actually the letter was originally sent to Stockport Heritage Magazine, but it was the Trust's blog which covered the cycleway.
Thank you Christine for answering the question.
I hope readers will find the attached photo's legible. If you click on them, you will get a larger image. Leave a comment below if you can't read these images, or if you wish to comment on the scheme. Note the cycleway proposal was rejected in February and, as far as I am aware, no alternative scheme has been proposed.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Networking Heritage

Museum of North Craven Life, The Folley, Settle
Stockport Heritage Trust officers met other delegates belonging to Building Preservation Trusts and Heritage Societies from all over the North West at a networking meeting held in Settle, North Yorkshire recently.

The delegates compared experiences of trying to preserve heritage and get people interested in their various projects and had some very similar tales to relate of bureaucratic indifference followed by eager credit claiming when success crowned the efforts of the conservationists. Does this sound familiar ?

lime kiln“Meetings of this kind are very important to build up the heritage restoration lobby on a regional and national scale,” said Steve Cliffe, the Trust’s press secretary who attended the meeting. “We are hoping to attend a national conference later in the year to help develop strategy,” he added.

Delegates toured a preserved 17th C. townhouse in Settle, now the Museum of North Craven Life, and a nearby labyrinthine Lime Kiln after the meeting.

At last - an eyesore is no more

The derelict former carpet shop at 71 Lower Hillgate was bulldozed last week to cheers from residents and local business people.

Built in the mid-19th century, the building has suffered 20 years of neglect since it was last used in the 1980s.

It was recently voted one of Stockport's top 10 most hated buildings.

The area will now be landscaped.

Click the image or the headline for the full story in the Metro News.

They shall not shop

Impromptu action at Aldi in Cheadle Heath on Sunday was led by ward councillor Sheila Bailey, Coun Philip Harding and Coun Richard Coaton who all stormed into the busy store at 1pm, and demanded the manager close the doors because it had no planning permission to trade on Sundays.

Click image or headline for the full story.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

'Sandstorm' over a new 90m wall

A 'hideous' roadside wall in Offerton's green belt does not require planning permission because it is a highways project, Stockport Council has confirmed. The 90m sandstone wall, along side Marple Road, was built when the old concrete retaining wall was deemed unsafe.
There was also confusion when builders recently began cutting the tops off the stones, while other parts of the wall remain unfinished.
A Stockport Council spokesperson said, "The new wall was castellated to give consistency in design and help prevent people walking across it. The castellation was levelled off, for aesthetic reasons, so that it matches the level of the adjacent road.
- an excerpt from a Stockport Times article

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heaven-sent scheme is a big deal

'AN AMBITIOUS church-led project has arrived in Stockport hoping to transform people, places and perceptions across the borough.
'The Big Deal is a multi-agency programme also combining police, schools, the council and local communities aiming to make Stockport a safer, cleaner, better place to live.
'In the next year 50 community events - such as litter picks, regeneration work and crime reduction schemes - are to be organised with an emphasis on involving youngsters.'
Click headline for the full story.

Council leader rings changes with reshuffle

'THE man spearheading the £500m regeneration of Stockport town centre has been replaced.
'Coun David Goddard was one of casualties in a council re-shuffle which saw him dropped down the pecking order to take over transportation.
'Coun Sue Derbyshire takes over his hugely important regeneration portfolio.
'Labour leader Coun Peter Scott said: "I think the straight answer to why Coun Goddard has been moved is that the Lib-Dems were not satisfied with the rate of progress on the town centre masterplan. After all they have only announced Hopes Carr and Prince's Street development last week. There may be other tensions in their group as Coun Goddard challenged council leader Brian Millard for his job last year."
'A clearly disappointed Coun Goddard told the Stockport Express: "It's not for me to comment. "'
Click headline for the full story.

"Town says Hopes Carr should stay"

"A RESOUNDING 92 per cent of people have voted against controversial plans to move the Stockport air disaster memorial at Hopes Carr.
"The proposed move is part a £70m scheme which will regenerate seven acres of derelict industrial land in the heart of the town centre.
"But despite the benefits of the project, the vast majority of people - responding to last week's Stockport Express phone vote - have asked for the memorial not to be moved."
Click headline for the full story.

Heaton Mersey Methodist Church centenary

Heaton Mersey Methodist Church complete their centenary year. "Heaton Mersey Methodist Church was opened in February 1906, the cornerstone being laid for it in May 1905".
Click headline for the full story.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Relocation of phone mast, Alex Hospital - planning application

Relocation of telecommunication mast
Land at Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle
Information office: Cheadle Library
Consultation Expiry: 08-06-2006
Case Officer / Telephone: Miss E Curle 0161 474 3538

This appears to be an alternative application to the Cheadle Heath application we recently opposed. The mast would still be on Green Belt land. The documents are rather lacking.

Statue for Craig Rd Rec - planning application

illustration of 3.9m statueDC022791
Erection of 3.9 metre steel and bronze sculpture
Craig Road Recreation Park, Craig Road, Heaton Mersey
Information office: Heatons Library
Planning application: click here.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ludworth Moor Meander

A big thank you to Steve Cliffe for a most interesting Historic and geological walk over Ludworth Moor on Sunday afternoon.

We were shown firstly the Bronze Age burial mounds, a disused quarry and coal mine. Then retracing our steps, we crossed the road and took the path up to Robin Hood's Picking Rods.

A further climb took us to Combs Rocks and a spectacular view across a Geological crater. We were shown and told about many interesting features on route.

Then a little further to climb, a battle with a fence and we walked along the ridge, then turning right we came full circle back down to the road. Where all seemed ready for refreshments of some kind or other.

The weather was kind to us, and Kath Taylor ended the day by thanking Steve for an enjoyable walk.

Scroll Bridge, Brabyns Park

The following was posted on the Marple Website in March. You may find it of interest. I suggest you click on the image to see the previous postings, and a recreation of a 1991 Stockport Heritage Magazine article about how Scroll Bridge came to be dismantled in the first place.

We spoke to SMBC about this during our Iron Bridge meeting earlier this week. They didn't overwhelm us with detail but the gist of it is that the investigations into what is missing and available has gone pretty well - a significant amount of the original stone has been identified and set out in the park. (I'll add some photos for those of you who have not seen them later.)

The money for the rebuilt / restoration is in next year's budget, so the work to rebuild cannot start until the new financial year. The officers we spoke to could not advise how soon after this the work would start, but hopefully it will not be too long.
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bridge Repair Etherow Park

There has been some discussion of this project in the Marple Webesite, click here.

Moving Cobden's Statue - planning application

DC022830 & DC022832.
Relocation of Cobden Statue. To relocate off the highway to a more prominent position on the axes of St Petersgate and Lord Street (Statue to face Market Place)
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr J A Seymour 0161 474 3656
Consultation Expiry Date: Date 20-05-2006
Documents: click here and here.

Hazel Grove phone mast - planning application

Erection of 15 metre monopole mast including antennas, equipment cabinet and associated works
Rear of Brookside Garden Centre, Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove,Stockport SK12 1BY
Documents: click here.
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr MR Robinson 0161 474 3543
Target Date: 16-06-2006

This is re-application after having to withdraw the original application.

Reddish mobile phone mast - Planning permission

Erection of 11.8 metre (including antenna) high 'lamppost' type mast, equipment cabinet and associated works.
Pavement at Carousel Public House, 156 Reddish Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 7HR
Documents: click here.
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr J F Crowder 0161 474 3661 xn 3661
Consultation Expiry Date: 21-05-2006

This seems to be the repeat of an unsuccessful application DC022230, click here for more info.

Interestingly, the applicant admits that it is likely to be opposed by local residents, which is why the landlord of the pub is not interested.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Single storey conservatory - Listed Building Consent

DC022693, DC022698 & DC022703
Single storey conservatory at rear and solar panels (Listed Building Consent)
2 Peeres Cottages, Peeres Road, Strines, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 7GJ
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr M Burgess 0161 474 3659
Consultation Expiry Date: 12-05-2006
Documents: click here.

Work Starts on St. Mary's Church

An area of the market was cordoned off today as workers dismantled the offending finials on the top of St. Mary's church gateway.

Hopefully this will mean that some of the barriers can now be removed from around the pavement.

Bramall Hall Greetings Cards

They were at it again last Sunday, those crazy people who dress in period costume to try to promote the Trust and at the same time increase funds.

A small group gathered at Bramall Hall in Puritan dress on a dull Sunday morning and took a series of photographs. Six of these have been made into greetings cards to show to the Bramall Hall promotions team in the hope that might commission a set to sell in the gift shop. Four will be produced for sale at the St Mary's Heritage Centre and also for the Staircase House craft fair on Saturday 24th June.

The next set of photographs to be taken will be at Chadkirk Chapel.

Hopes Carr Consultation today

An exibition at the Cane Shop, Hopes Carr, yesterday and today (Friday) allows the public to have their say on the plans for the 17-acre site. [Source: Manchester Metro News 12/05/06]

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stockport Times excerpts - 11/05/06

£70m plan for the town centre
A £70m scheme to transform the derelict industrial site Hopes Carr - which was the scene of Stockport's 1967 aeroplane crash - is to be unveiled this week.
The prject will look to preserve a number of the existing buildings, the existing cobbled street layout and will give greater prominence to Hempshaw Brook [Tinbrook], which flows through the site.
[There is a similar article in the Stockport Express, but with a more alarmist headline. Click here.]

Stairway to fame
Stockport's Staircase House has been named "Building of the Year" at the North West's most prestigious property awards. The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) named the restored medieval town house as the most out-standing building project in the region after the project had already scopped the Building Conservation at the 2006 RICS North West Awards.
Judges described Staircase House as: "An outstanding demonstration of what can be achieved through partnership between client, architect and professional team builder.
"Staircase House is one of the most interesting urban buildings in North west England datig from the late medieval period. For many years it was neglected, severly fire damaged and collapsing, now it has been carefully repaired and adapted as a museum to interpret its own history."
[It is nice to see that Staircase House, which the Trust had to work hard for to convince the Council that it was worth saving, is now earning the Council many plaudits and awards. It's only a shame the council didn't step in before the fire damage.]

Copper toppers at Hatworks
Police headgear makes an arresting sight in a new exhibition at the Hatworks. The free exhibition aims to show how important headwear is to each force's identity. The exhibition features the Manchester "Peelers" of 1840 wearing the Peelers Hat [like a tophat] and Stockport Borough Police of 1890 who wore helmets with a spike.

Saved, my deer
Marple Firefightser came to the rescue of [a] young deer stranded in the Peak Forest Canal. The fawn was spotted by a dog walker at 6.15am when it was thrashing around in a lock at the end of Station Rd.

Are you a past parent or pupil (over 18) of Stella Maris Shool, St John's Road, Heaton Mersey? If so, you are invited to a retirement party for its head teacher Ita Gannon and school secretary Vivienne Adams - Saturday, June 17, 7.30pm-1am at the Hough End Centre, Chorlton.
Tickets are £15 each, including buffet and disco. Ring the school on 432 0532 or email

Could you volunteer to be the caretaker at Heaton Norris Pavilion, where a vibrant community group runs several activities in its buildings in the Heaton Norris Park Community Centre? If you would like to volunteer, ring Cllr Joan Kidd on 477 8207.
Call time on phone masts
With mobile operators currently applying to put up phone masts in Stockport at a rate of almost one a week, many residents have been asking the question "when is enough, enough?" A quick look at the council website reveals 21 masts currently have planning permission in the borough and there are proposals for 41 more.
Mother of three Nicola Gilbert, of Reddish Road, recently led a successful campaign to stop mobile operator Orange siting a mast on her street. Nicola said: "We wanted to know why Orange to justify why they needed another mast in South Reddish. They just wanted to plonk it right in the middle of a pleasant residential area. It would have had a huge visual impact on the local environment."
She added: "We didn't campaign on the health issue because we appreciate what the guidelines say.
"But it is still an uncomfortable feeling to have them so close to houses. It makes you pretty anxious."
So why, in the face of such opposition, do mobile companies insist on putting up more and more masts?
According to MOA [Mobile Operators Association], the increase in mast applications is down to the 3G licences. By transmitting on the 3G frequency, mobiles can now access the internet and send video messages. However, the radio waves used to carry this information can not travel as far. Therefore more masts are needed.
According to the 3G licences, mobile operators have until the end of 2007 to achieve 80% coverage for the UK's population.
For more information on [the location of] mobile phone masts visit
[See SCRAM for info on mobile phone masts.]

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Fury at council plans for crash site"

"A CONTROVERSIAL plan to move the 1967 Stockport air disaster memorial has provoked a furious response from one of the rescuers at the crash scene.
"The proposals are part of a £70m regeneration scheme which promises to transform seven acres of derelict land at Hopes Carr, in the heart of the town centre.
"And developers Inspired Developments, and Stockport Council, claim the majority of victims’ relatives are in favour of creating a more peaceful memorial site - where they can remember the 72 people who died in the plane crash."

Click on the image below for the full Stockport Express article.

Also of interest, click here to go to the Inspired Developments website. Then click on "id-folio", "stockport : hopes carr", "gallery". Then rotate round the gallery of drawings by clicking on "next".

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Replacement to Greenhale House - planning application

124 apartments, one and two bedroom, 530 sqm commercial unit, basement parking
Former Greenhale House, Piccadilly, Stockport, SK1 3DY
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr J A Seymour 0161 474 3656
Consultation Expiry Date: 26-05-2006
Information Office: Hygarth House
To see documents, click the above headline.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Trust's AGM

The Trust's AGM was on 3 May, held at the Old Rectory. The minutes will be made available by the Secretary in due course. Here is a brief unofficial summary of the decisions.
Officers were elected:
Hon. Chair: Jim Clare
Hon. Secretary: Coral Dranfield
Hon. Treasurer & Weblog Administrator: Bill Hoad
Membership Secretary: Kath Taylor
Conservation officer: Kevin Dranfield
Press secretary: Steve Cliffe
Display officer: Angela Kenrick
Stock officer: Sharza Dethick

SMBC are asking for the £2,000 we agreed would go to funding the Staircase House Stitchers project. This pays for the materials, but mostly for the expert stitcher. It was pointed that when we presented the £8,000 for the tester bed, SMBC failed to organise any press, nor is there anything to say that the bed was paid for by the Trust. Nor is their anything to say that the Staircase House Stitchers is paid for by the Trust. None of the letters from the project to the particpants mention the Trust and having asked some stitchers, it was established that they were unaware of our involvement. The only thing that mentions the Trusts involvement in the project, apart from this blog, are a couple of posters. One poster was left outside the churrch for putting in the Heritage Centre. The second I am told is in the ladies toilets at Staircase House.
It was suggested that whiel we intend to honour the £2,000 grant, we would like to ensure that press are present when we present the cheque during one of the Stitching sessions.
It was agreed to increase membership fees by £1 next year.

The Management Committee then met on Monday 8 May.
Choosing which photo's to use
A number of events were agreed or proposed (the agreed events are included in the 'Future Events' posting.
A newsletter will be produced soon.
Disappointment was expressed about the lack of celebration of the Septuacentennial of Richard de Vernon. The plan proposed by Rev. Roger Scoones last year, was to celebrate 2006 by events every month raising money to pay for a stained glass window for Richard de Vernon. About £2,000 pounds was raised last year for this cause. But what with a crumbling church tower and other expenses, this plan seems to have been shelved. Therefore, the Trust plans to make Richard de Vernon and the church the subject of our next series of talks to be held this Autumn, under the title of the De Vernon Legacy. I preferred the original proposal of the De Vernon Code.
Also discussed was a New Mills Heritage Centre project to digitise their historic photos and making them available, at a price, on the internet. Click here to see. We wish to look into getting a grant to do the same.
Finally we voted on which photos from the recent Bramall Hall photo shoot to use for the latest set of Trust cards.

Blue Plaque scheme revived

The Trust is meeting with SMBC on Thursday to discuss the implementation of more plaques to add to the 12 already installed.
A new exhibition entitled "Toppers for Coppers", which is dedicated to the fascinating world of law enforcement and its functional fashion is to be opened this weekend at Hat Works.
Greater Manchester Police Museum and the Hat Works have teamed up to produce the exhibition, which opens on Saturday 29th April.
[The SMBC site made this announcement 4 days after the exhibition opened, so I am following suit by providing the link 4 days later. Click on the image below for the full article.] Posted by Picasa

Broadstone Mill becomes an incubator

Click on the image of the SMBC news page below , for more information

For more info on the Broadstone Knowledge Mill Incubator Project: click here
For the commercial website for Broadstone Mill: click here

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Metro News excerpt - 5/5/06

The classic way to drive away yobs
exclusive by Paul R Taylor
Mozart and Vivaldi will be played from loudspeakers at the Brookhead Arcade if the Cheadle Area Committee approves the plans. Chairwoman of Cheadle Area Committee Cllr June Somekh said: "We had originally investigated the idea of installing a 'mosquito' advice, which has been tested in Rochdale.
"It emits a high frequency sound that only youths and animals can hear. But we've heard that this is actually against human rights, so are now considering the classical music option.
"We invited some children to our committee meeting and asked them what they thought. They were quite put out by the suggestion that all children hate classical music."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stockport Times excerpts - 4/05/06

The Pavilion Community Centre, Essex Avenue, Cheadle Heath, is looking for help in celebrating its 70th anniversary. The big day is Aug 1 but members and workers from past or present are asked to get in touch before the date . Organisers want to create a display charting the centre's history and are looking for old photos, stories and memorabilia. Anyone who can help should call Rose Walker on 476 2819.
[I am not sure, but aren't there plans for this building to be knocked down and replaced by housing - Bill]

Marple canal lock inspires Tatton Park flower show
The Marple lock system will provide the inspiration for SMBC's entry into the flower bed competition at this year's RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park.
Opened in 1804, the Marple locks comprise a series of 16 locks that link the upper and lower parts of the Peak Forest Canal.

Raise your hat to redevelopment
[These plans were reported previously, use the search box in the top left to find the details of this proposal - Bill]
Two 19C Hillgate Hatmills are to be redeveloped in a multi-million pound residential housing project, within the Hillgate Conservation Area.
Both buildings are considered to be of significant local architectural and historic interest and stand adjacent to the Grade I listed St Thomas's Church.
A former production works for William Harrison and Sons on St Thomas's Place, the mills are to be converted into a mixture of one and two-bed apartments.
Planning permission was given for the project at the Tame Valley Area Committee on Monday evening.

Compost Awareness Week is 7th-13 May

Monday, May 01, 2006

Transport heritage in pictures

entitled RailwayMorrisons, Cheadle Heath, have put some attractive pictures representing Stockport's transport history in the foyer. It is good to see a business reflecting the local heritage in attractive decoration.