Monday, May 08, 2006

Trust's AGM

The Trust's AGM was on 3 May, held at the Old Rectory. The minutes will be made available by the Secretary in due course. Here is a brief unofficial summary of the decisions.
Officers were elected:
Hon. Chair: Jim Clare
Hon. Secretary: Coral Dranfield
Hon. Treasurer & Weblog Administrator: Bill Hoad
Membership Secretary: Kath Taylor
Conservation officer: Kevin Dranfield
Press secretary: Steve Cliffe
Display officer: Angela Kenrick
Stock officer: Sharza Dethick

SMBC are asking for the £2,000 we agreed would go to funding the Staircase House Stitchers project. This pays for the materials, but mostly for the expert stitcher. It was pointed that when we presented the £8,000 for the tester bed, SMBC failed to organise any press, nor is there anything to say that the bed was paid for by the Trust. Nor is their anything to say that the Staircase House Stitchers is paid for by the Trust. None of the letters from the project to the particpants mention the Trust and having asked some stitchers, it was established that they were unaware of our involvement. The only thing that mentions the Trusts involvement in the project, apart from this blog, are a couple of posters. One poster was left outside the churrch for putting in the Heritage Centre. The second I am told is in the ladies toilets at Staircase House.
It was suggested that whiel we intend to honour the £2,000 grant, we would like to ensure that press are present when we present the cheque during one of the Stitching sessions.
It was agreed to increase membership fees by £1 next year.

The Management Committee then met on Monday 8 May.
Choosing which photo's to use
A number of events were agreed or proposed (the agreed events are included in the 'Future Events' posting.
A newsletter will be produced soon.
Disappointment was expressed about the lack of celebration of the Septuacentennial of Richard de Vernon. The plan proposed by Rev. Roger Scoones last year, was to celebrate 2006 by events every month raising money to pay for a stained glass window for Richard de Vernon. About £2,000 pounds was raised last year for this cause. But what with a crumbling church tower and other expenses, this plan seems to have been shelved. Therefore, the Trust plans to make Richard de Vernon and the church the subject of our next series of talks to be held this Autumn, under the title of the De Vernon Legacy. I preferred the original proposal of the De Vernon Code.
Also discussed was a New Mills Heritage Centre project to digitise their historic photos and making them available, at a price, on the internet. Click here to see. We wish to look into getting a grant to do the same.
Finally we voted on which photos from the recent Bramall Hall photo shoot to use for the latest set of Trust cards.