Friday, May 19, 2006

Networking Heritage

Museum of North Craven Life, The Folley, Settle
Stockport Heritage Trust officers met other delegates belonging to Building Preservation Trusts and Heritage Societies from all over the North West at a networking meeting held in Settle, North Yorkshire recently.

The delegates compared experiences of trying to preserve heritage and get people interested in their various projects and had some very similar tales to relate of bureaucratic indifference followed by eager credit claiming when success crowned the efforts of the conservationists. Does this sound familiar ?

lime kiln“Meetings of this kind are very important to build up the heritage restoration lobby on a regional and national scale,” said Steve Cliffe, the Trust’s press secretary who attended the meeting. “We are hoping to attend a national conference later in the year to help develop strategy,” he added.

Delegates toured a preserved 17th C. townhouse in Settle, now the Museum of North Craven Life, and a nearby labyrinthine Lime Kiln after the meeting.