Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tangshut, Romiley pond team net three motorbikes

[Excerpt from the Metro News article, 24/2/07]
Members of the Friends of Tangshut and children living nearby removed rubbish that had been dumped in the water.

They also cut tree branches that had grown above the surface in a bid to bring sunlight and life back to the pond.The submerged items removed included shop tills, three motorbikes, shopping trolleys and milk crates.

The project is part of a bigger effort to open up a disused path between the Cherry Tree Estate and the centre of Romiley. The group also want to restore the surrounding area, known as Tangshut.

Their ambition for the pond is to bring back wildlife, including newts.

Spokesman Joe Hough said: "We want to get a bit of sunlight on the pond to bring back some plant life and oxygen and stop it from silting up.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grave concern

[Exerpt from Stockport Express article, 21/2/07.]

The family graves of former mill owners and mayors, dating back to the 18th Century, are found within Sarum Cemetery, near Hillgate, but this historic footprint of Stockport’s bygone days now resembles a forgotten wasteland hidden from public view.

Local historian Jim Birch is calling on the local authority to restore this unique part of Stockport's heritage.

He said: "Stockport was a cotton town and the graves of mill owners such as Ralph Orrell - who is buried there with his family - should not be disregarded.

"Stockport used to revolve around Hillgate and we lost too much of its heritage in the 1960s and ‘70s and, although its chapel maybe already be gone, we can save the graveyard."

Ralph Orrell was buried in the cemetery in 1823. At the time of his death his estate included Travis Brook Mill, which stood near Brinksway, and Abney Hall in Cheadle. His son Alfred, who inherited the estate, was elected mayor of the borough in 1842.

A council spokesman, said: "The council is in the process of acquiring land around the Hillgate area known as the ‘Peaches’, which includes the cemetery, through a Compulsory Purchase Order.

"The council is working in partnership with a local housing association to bring a comprehensive residential development and refurbishment scheme to the area.

"The project, which is at an advanced stage, is part of the Hillgate Town Heritage Initiative. Part of this regeneration project will involve the sensitive and appropriate utilisation of the historical graveyard."

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Last Chapter

Today was the Grand Opening of the last gallery of the Stockport Story museum, and John Snow was there to compliment Stockport on the work that has been done to improve the Market area.

Many people turned out to see the opening and all that was on offer for the day.

Come and look for yourself it's well worth a day out!

Congestion charging

Congestion charging is being widely reported at National and local level. Greater Manchester is taking a leading role in developing new schemes, which might also be adopted by other regions if success is proven. One of the 15 corridors under analysis is the A6 from Hazel Grove to Manchester.

The proposal could have major impacts: on traffic congestion and journey times; attractiveness of the corridor to residents and employers; and access to tourist sites. It is likely that the scheme will include measures to charge drivers for using roads at times of congestion.

Articles from the Stockport Express:

Stockport’s Just The Ticket!

The Council, in partnership with Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive and supported by Faber Maunsell Consulting Engineers, scooped second place at the conference for their work to manage bus movements through the east and west gateways of the town centre. The main projects comprised the refurbishment of the Bridgefield Street area and an innovative bus-only link road through the busy Portwood roundabout.

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Support Needed To Establish Bramhall Station 'Friends Of Group'

Members of Bramhall Village Partnership are seeking support from Stockport residents to establish a Friends of Bramhall Station Group.
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hansard - role of street markets in providing healthy food

Written questions Monday, 19 February 2007

Anne Coffey, MP, to ask the Secretary of State for Health

(1) what steps the Department is taking to support and develop the role of local street markets in helping deliver its healthy eating policy;

(2) what assessment she has made of the potential role of local street markets in the Government's healthy eating strategy.

Written answer, Caroline Flint (Minister of State (Public Health), Department of Health)

The extent of evidence on the effectiveness of local street markets in the Government's healthy eating strategy is limited. Anecdotal information, where mobile units have been set up, suggests that they do have merit in deprived areas with low retail density.

To improve people's access to and raise awareness of fruit and vegetables, the Department has provided funding for community food initiatives in all primary care trusts (PCTs) from April 2006 as part of the 'Choosing Health' allocation to PCTs. These community initiatives followed on from the 66 Lottery-funded 5-A-day pilot initiatives. By working in different settings, including local street markets, these initiatives aim to make it easier for people to eat more fruit and vegetables and achieve their five portions a day.

[Click here for the Hansard text.]

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tunnel visions in a new show

CoralTHE secret world of underground caves is revealed in a new exhibition at Stockport Story Museum.

Stockport town centre has a labyrinth of caves, tunnels and cellars cut into rock and sandstone, dating from medieval times.

And the Underground Stockport exhibition boasts never-before-seen photographs, intricate scale models and a light-up map of the town's tunnels.

Coral Dranfield, the main researcher for the exhibition, said: "When I started researching Underground Stockport I had no idea what I would find. Lots of people in Stockport have stories of going in tunnels as children, we had to investigate everything we were told.

"It was amazing to discover that our ancestors were digging tunnels around 300 years ago and many are still under our feet today."

The exhibition runs until March 25.

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