Sunday, April 29, 2012

Memorial to the Poor of Stockport

Stockport Heritage Trust and the Co-operative Funeral Care have combined forces to provide a memorial to the numerous people of Stockport who were buried in the Borough Cemetery without their own marked grave. Many of these spent their last days in the Union Workhouse or in poverty at home.

The memorial was unveiled by the Reverend Ken Kenrick, at a short service on Sunday 29th April 2012. It was Ken's last day as the Workhouse Chaplain and the day he retired a minister of St. Thomas' Church.

To see the unveiling ceremony follow these links.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Changes to the Stockport Heritage Trust website was created and maintained free through Microsoft Office Live, which has kindly decided to discontinue the service as of 30th April. One of our volunteers is working on a replacement website,  which should have increased flexibility, but due to other time commitments, there will sadly be a temporarily reduced service. However it is hoped that there will be no 'down time' and a website which will be improved over time will be available. Sincere apologies.

It hoped to also link a 'Stockport Memories' blog to the new site, and on this blog of course, where Stopfordians can write their reminiscences of anything and everything (suitable for family viewing of course!) about our town. This would hopefully be not only a good read, but an archive for future generations. 

Memories of simple, more practical things, or even local phrases can easily be lost through time, so we hope many of you will please contribute when it's up and running.

Thank you