Monday, September 16, 2013

Heritage Open Days 2013

This year's Heritage Open Day saw the centre of Stockport as one large venue, with 10 heritage sites and eleven retailers all taking part and offering something new, free or different, to the many, many visitors that came.

 Around 500 people came to see Stockport's Dungeon, there was also a guided tours under the Produce Hall, viewing of the old and unusual clock mechanism at Winter's.

Raffles at Mr. Simms and Celebration Cakes were  on offer, as well as free samples of beer at Robinson's and Victorian cordials in the Market Hall.

Our Fred Dibnah look-alike (Mike Kearon) gave the history of the Market Hall and the NatWest bank opened it's doors to a positive flood of visitor wishing to see two unique and amazing fireplaces.

 Our own Tony Marsh gave tours of St. Mary's Church and graveyard.

Ladies enjoyed Edwardian style sherry and cake at the Three Shires and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Heaton Moor Historical Society

Dear HMHS Supporters,                                 
                            The next Heaton Moor Historical Society meeting will be a short heritage walk  this week, on Thursday 19th September 2013, meeting outside Heaton Chapel station.starting at 6.30 p.m.  sharp.
                 This will be a mile long walk following the new  Heaton Moor Trail which I'll be pilotting and it will finish at the Council Offices in Moor Top near to the bus stop probably around 8 pm at a guess.       
                     All are welcome.