Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tangshut, Romiley pond team net three motorbikes

[Excerpt from the Metro News article, 24/2/07]
Members of the Friends of Tangshut and children living nearby removed rubbish that had been dumped in the water.

They also cut tree branches that had grown above the surface in a bid to bring sunlight and life back to the pond.The submerged items removed included shop tills, three motorbikes, shopping trolleys and milk crates.

The project is part of a bigger effort to open up a disused path between the Cherry Tree Estate and the centre of Romiley. The group also want to restore the surrounding area, known as Tangshut.

Their ambition for the pond is to bring back wildlife, including newts.

Spokesman Joe Hough said: "We want to get a bit of sunlight on the pond to bring back some plant life and oxygen and stop it from silting up.

[Click here for the full Metro News article, 24/2/07].