Thursday, March 01, 2007

Make Roads Pay for Rail

STOCKPORT EXPRESS - Readers Letters 28th Feb 2007

There was once a proposal to run a shuttle train service from Marple Rose Hill to Altincham via Guide Bridge and Stockport.
This Proposal would give more predictable journey times from Marple to Stockport (about 32 mins) and would allow the people of Denton and Redddish a reasonable train service.
Beyond Stockport to Altrincham new stations at Cheadle, Wythenshawe and Baguley would again give the population a train service.
Time from Stockport to Altrincham would be about 22 mins. As you can see from the times, two trains can give and hourly service and as all the track infrastructure is in place, start up costs would be relatively cheap.
The cost could be recovered from the congestion charge which under current proposals does not benefit Stockport at all.

Kevin Dranfield