Saturday, April 08, 2006

Metro News - 7/4/06

Poster in Staircase House window, with the Glass Umbrella in reflection10,000 years of Stockport
Two galleries have been opened of the Stockport Story at Staircase House. This is Phase I of the process (to make sure that at least part of it was opened before the elections).
To see the MetroNews story, click here.

Wrong colour flagstones put shops in jeopardy
Chaos on Mealhouse Brow is accused of damaging business. It is this sort of mistake, which gives heritage conservation a bad name. To see the MetroNews story, click here.

Excerpt from the MetroNews:
"Deal done in £500m town plan
"Developers are chosen to create extension of Stockport Centre. Lend Lease has been given the task of creating a 100,00 square metre extension to the town centre on the Prince's Street site next to the M60.
"he project is expected to take a number of years to come to fruition and there will be extensive public consultation throughout. Detailed plans will be drawn up over the next few months."
More information can also be seen at the SMBC site: click here.
(The same report also appears on the Invest In Manchester site.