Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Conservation & Heritage

It is now three years since the Council's Conservation and Heritage Strategy was launched, and in that time we have seen great changes in Stockport especially, around the Market Place and Underbanks.

Lottery and Heritage Funding has been used in conjunction with business partnerships to ensure that important areas of our Heritage have been developed or conserved in sensitive and appropriate ways.

Progress has also been made in creating more conservation areas around the borough and information about these can be be found on the Council web site, including maps.

The Council are now looking at a new strategy document and the Heritage Trust was invited along with other local groups to have a say in what kind of issues they would like to be included in it.

Many different facets of conservation and the environment were looked at including buildings that were at risk, such as Wybersley Hall, the home of John Bradshawe, which is now being carefully restored and an Archaeological data base for research purposes outlining the borough's 320 known sites.

Three other building that the Trust has a particular interest in are the Reddish Library/Baths/Fire Station, St. Thoams' Workhouse and the Old Dungeon on Mealhouse Brow.

The meeting was only one of two scheduled this week in order to make them accessible to as many groups as possible.

The Trust will be watching with interest as this document is formulated and hope to continue a good working relationship with the Council's Heritage Officers.