Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disagreements over Woodbank Park

There is a proposed new car park, to serve Woodbank and Vernon Parks. It is to be positioned off Turncroft Lane and as part of the improvements the old stone gateway shall get a makeover and the glacial boulder be set in a small garden feature. The park is over 560,000 sq. mtrs. and the area proposed for the car park will be 0.23 % of that.

It will be to the left of the present entrance in an area that is not used because of poor drainage, and is designed to take the parking off Turncroft Lane.

The Friends of Woodbank are in favour of the car park, but a small group of locals are trying to prevent it.

The Park was given to the people of Stockport in the 1920's but the Council added to it considerably when they bought Woodbank Farm.

The Trust has voted to support the plans on the grounds that more access is needed to both parks for elderly, infirm and families with buggies. Also Woodbank Hall is a building at risk and in danger of deterioration and decay and the Trust is concerned for its future.

The Friends are hoping that the car park will mean less traffic inside the Park as cars are a nuisance up and down the driveway. They say there is no truth is the rumour that coaches will be parked there.

This Saturday is the last chance to put forward your comments to the plans either way..