Monday, May 24, 2010

Reddish Vale

Many of our members have been showing concern about what is going on in Reddish Vale.

Many areas have been deforested and this is causing alarm. The site close to the Portwood round about is a private site, and has been given permission to build industrial units. Once the work is done, the slope and access road will be landscaped to hide it from view and hopefully in a few years the area will once again look green and lush.

Many trees inside Reddish Vale have also had to be felled, this is due to a lack of tree management in the past, particularly along pathways. It should make the Vale a more pleasant place to visit, ie less mud.

Any rumors that are going about concerning the ponds may be misleading. The Council are looking for an Angling club to license the ponds, this is not the same as leasing, there will be no change of ownership.

The Heritage Trust is now a Stakeholder in Reddish Vale, and will be keeping in touch with any decisions concerning its administration.