Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wycliffe Congregational Chapel

The Wycliffe Congregational Chapel, opened in 1850, is a Grade II listed building - the exterior of Gothic design, the interior almost industrial with iron framework and vaulted basement, much like mills of the time. The original congregation's football team went on to become Stockport County.

Over the years the building has been slipping down the hill towards Stockport, posing quite a challenge to restorers. Recent structural repairs and replacement of the roof have been possible thanks to the efforts of Heritage Trust member Marjorie in securing funding, and Rob Harrington of Bernard Taylor Architects in planning and overseeing the work.

Marjorie is looking to secure further funding to renovate the interior for community use. Email if you are part of a group who could benefit from the space, or are just interested in becoming involved in the project.