Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Widest Bridge in the Country?

Does Stockport have the widest bridge in the country or maybe even the world.
In 1940 the new Merseyway Bridge was opened. It was a road that covered the river and stretched from Lancashire Bridge in the east to the Bear Pit in the west.

 For many years Rochdale have claimed that they had the widest bridge in Europe but this was disputed by the Stockport Heritage Trust.

As Rochdale have now uncovered their river they have no more claim to the title and the Heritage Trust intend throwing down the gauntlet to challenge any other claims.
On Sunday 22nd Nov. at 10am, a group of Trust members gathered at the newly revealed Lancashire Bridge and measured the length of the Merseyway Bridge.

It measured 435.7 meters, can any town better that?