Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Civic Trust Awards

Civic trust logoI visited Staircase House today as a member of the Civic Trust Awards assessment team. We visited several buildings in Stockport and it is likely Staircase House will be recommended for a national award, but I am pre-empting the team's report, so all we can say is watch this space!

We were very thorough and poked our noses into every nook and cranny, including places the public don't normally get to, like the hidey hole staff offices right on the top floor and even a Jacobean storeroom. It did my heart good to see the museum staff surprised at their keyboards when they thought they were safe in their inner sanctums!

Sarah Cotton looked quite guilty when we pushed her door open, led by Stockport's intrepid conservation officer, Paul Hartley. We even examined the interesting hoist frame currently redundant in the staff rest room. The team were very impressed with it all and just how much space is hidden in there. "It's like a tardis" was the usual comment.

Regards, Steve