Thursday, February 16, 2006

Proposed use of St. Thomas' Workhouse

The Secretary of the Trust, Steve Cliffe, has sent this comment on the proposed use of the St. Thomas' Workhouse buildings, as part of an expansion to Stockport College.
The College are consulting stakeholder partners in Stockport for views before submitting detailed planning proposals to the Council.

"Thank you for letting me comment on the Stockport College Masterplan. Stockport Heritage Trust warmly welcome the opportunity to conserve and use the best of the listed buildings on the Old St. Thomas' Workhouse site as part of the college expansion plans. This is an idea we have favoured for many years.
The two most important buildings are the Master and Matron's House (clocktower building) and the entrance lodge which both have fine classical Georgian lines and link to key historic events of the early 19th C. Which were covered by the artist of the London Illustrated News.
I do feel that page 12 of your document is vague and possibly deliberately ambiguous in committing the college to preserving any listed building and deserves to have been thoroughly proofread!
Also we question whether orienting the main gateway access from the A6 is the wisest option where an anterior approach via Greek Street might prove a more amenable space and safer traffic free access to and from the town centre. But this is something the Council's Regeneration team needs to address.
Broadly we support Option 4 and its speedy implementation in order to preserve and utilise the deteriorating important listed structures."