Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St Augustines

St AugustinesAs previously reported, St Augustines has held its last service. So I have collected these photos before it falls into further into disrepair.

foundation stoneRecorded in stone is the fact that the church was built in 1891, with the stone laid by Thomas Hardcastle Sykes, a patron of Edgeley and Stockport. Records show it was founded in 1893 as the parish church for Brinksway and Cheadle Heath.

towerI have never been into St Augustines, but I feel attached to it because of the curious half-timbered tower.

wallOutside, the church is in a sorry state. Practically all the rain pipes are missing, large amounts of decay and damage to the walls. More substantially, the cellar is full of water. I presume that now the church is closed, thereis going to be even less attention paid to its upkeep.

flooded cellarSt Augustines, St Augustines Road, Cheadle Heath