Thursday, December 22, 2005

Future Stockport - supplementary planning document

There other items on the "e agenda", referred to in the previous posting, which make interesting reading. If you follow the above link and then open the acrobat file under Item 9, you will find a Supplementary Planning Document. With 62 pages, some of it is heavy reading, but a lot of it is repeating the contents of the Masterplan and brings together a lot of the graphics. What it seems to add is an assessment of how the Masterplan is expected to assist regeneration. This could be considered the meat of the proposals.

There has been some discussion as to whether we like the 'look' of the plans and whether this money well spent. This is the document that explains how the plans will boost Stockport's economy.

Another important document, is the second document under item 8. You have to be a very patient reader to go through all that, but it is a response to all those who have requested modifications to the Unitary Development Plan. I am afraid I will have to leave that to someone else to get to grips with.