Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tesco's act of goodwill?

A reported earlier (see posting here) Tesco has submitted a retroactive planning application for the 18,000 feet extra they accidentally built.

Stockport Express have revealed that as 'an act of goodwill', Tesco will put in a wall which will cut of 6,000 feet which will be unused or else used for storage, leaving only 12,000 feet of additional shopping space.

The Express Reports
But while leading council planner Kevin Hogg admitted this could end the year-long saga, he remains sceptical.

He said: "If this happens it could potentially draw a line under the whole issue. But with Tesco you are never quite sure what it says is what it will do."

And Steve Parfett, managing director of Parfett and Sons, who has led the campaign against the store’s breach of planning permission, maintains the 120,000 sq ft outlet should be knocked down.
Follow this link to the Stockport Express for the full report