Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More planning news

DC021688 Royal Cheadle Hospital (a listed building) is seeking permission for erection of a fence. Information Office: Heald Green Library, Finney La, Heald Green.

DC021650 At the site of the former Coronation Mill & Bankside Mill, Coronation Street, Reddish, it is proposed to demolish and clear existing buildings and build 10 new industrial units. Information Office: Reddish Centre, Houldsworth Sq, 2 Gorton Rd.

DC021695 A barn to be converted to a house, including a two storey extension - Chorlton Fold Farm, off Springbank Rd, Woodley. Information office: Bredbury Library, George La, Bredbury.

To learn more, look up the application number at the planning database.