Thursday, July 27, 2006

Church work is near completion

St Thomas's Church 17.04.06.
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[Excerpt from Stockport Times, 27/7/06. See the original for a photo of our friends, the Rev Ken Kenrick and the Rev. Roger Scoones.]
One of Stockport's most eye-catching buildings is due to be unveiled this week to reveal its renovated exterior.
Restoration work has been carried out on the cupola and loose stone work on St Thomas's tower by skilled stonemasons and the clock faces have been restored to their former glory.
Scaffolding, which has been in place since February is expected to be removed in the next few weeks.
Rev. Ken Kenrick, who has been at St Thomas's for 23 years, said: "We are so fortunate to have splendid buildings in our town. We want to make the very most of them and the opportunity they offer for us, for our worship, and for other events and activities."
The grade I listed building originally built in 1825, has had a lot of work carried out previously.
Rev Kenrick added: "There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the windows and walls because the stone is cracking but it is being carried out in stages."
English Lottery Heritage grants totalling £98,000 and help from the local authority have helped to pay for the work, thought to cost over £150,000. The rest of the money will be met by donations and fundraising activities organised by the church.