Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wybersley Hall

After decades of neglect and at least 40 years of standing empty, work is on-going to protect Wybersley Hall from further decay. Meanwhile, planning permission is being sought to renovate the building as a private residence, while preserving the character of the hall.

Local historian, Steve Cliffe, dates the hall as far bakc as the 15 Century, a similar age to Staircase House.

With Peace Farm having disappeared to development and Marple Hall demolished due to irrepairable vandalism, Wybersley Hall is the only remaining building of the Bradshawe estate. It is pleasing that a building, over half a millenia old, is not only being preserved but being restored to its original usage, that of a private house. It is not even being sub-divided to flats, the fate of many large buildings.