Saturday, July 29, 2006

A visit to Staircase House

Interactive wooden model of Staircase HouseWith the first anniversary of the opening of Staircase House as a museum, I made another visit. It really is a treasure. There are not many towns or cities with such an evocative locale in its centre. I took my parents, they were bowled over. They hadn't imagined it would be so large.

A window on the past,
Originally uploaded by Bill.
There have been a few changes and additions since the opening. The new item that impressed me the most is the beautiful wooden model, reported here last June. Organisations and individuals responsible for the rescue of the HouseI gather it was designed to allow the blind to explore how Staircase House grew over the centuries. However, everyone can enjoy using it. The model is hidden at the back of the Exhibition Room at the start of the tour, so I think most people never see it, or pass it by in their impatience to see the house.

We spent three hours in the house in all, including the Stockport Gallery and Blackshaw's cafe, and it wasn't long enough.