Friday, June 16, 2006

"new Staircase House model" - SMBC press release

If you've ever wanted to build a house then Staircase House is offering you the chance with its new 3D model.

Visitors can now take apart the medieval town house and piece it back together to see how the house grew over time. The model was commissioned by Stockport Council and made by a specialist craftsmen recommended by the Royal National Institute of the Blind.
Sarah Cotton, Curator of Staircase House, commented, "We already have a computer generated image of the house to show visitors how the house was added onto, but it is not accessible to visitors with visual impairments. The 3D model allows people to get their hands on the house and understand how it was built up from the one storey thatched roof building of the 15th century to the grand house it is today."
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