Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stockport Times excerpts 8/6/06

Gaol house restoration wins award
The successful regeneration of Mealhouse Brow, which also includes the restoration of a grade II listed building, has been recognised by the Manchester Society of Architects. The project has transformed buildings, which were once use[d] as a storehouse by 18C tea and coffee merchants, into town centre business and shops.
The development has now been shortlisted for the governments National Housing Award and has been included in the Award's "Exhibition of Excellence".

What happened to the masterplan?
"Derelict land and empty buildings give the impression that no-one feels an area is worth investing in. This is why I am keen to see regeneration in Stockport move along considerably faster than it is at this moment.
"Do you remember the Town Centre Masterplan? What has happened since hardly indicates a frenzy of reconstruction activity does it? Although a partner for the demolition and redevelopment of the Princess St area has been chosen, no work will begin until 2009.
"The council owned land at Gorsey Bank has stood idle for 10 years and has only recently been marketed. A Planning Brief has been prepared but aspirations on paper are easy. What is proving so much harder for this council is to turn those aspirations into activity. Council owned land at Lancashire Hill has never been marketed for residential use for 25 years. And there's more - whether its a boarded up property on Marriot St or the former Edgeley Centre.
"Another flagship regeneration scheme at Hopes Carr has yet to see a planning application. I recently returned to this site and was appalled to see the extent of tyre fly-tipping."
- Cllr. Philip Harding

Town Hall talking...
"One of Stockport's unique selling points is our historic market, which this year will be 746 years old. The right to hold a weekly Market was granted to the third Robert do Stokeport on September 6 1260 by Prince Edward, Earl of Chester (who later became King Edward I). The royal charter not only allowed the Lord of the Manor (Robert de Stokeport) to hold a weekly Market, but it also enabled him to hold one fair each year, within the defensive walls of the Norman Castle on the present site of the Castle Yard. This annual fair would take place on St Wilfred's Day and for seven days following." - Cllr Brian Millard
[Read about the rest of the Markets varied history and the up-coming Wine festival ( June 31 - July 1) in the Stockport Time.]

Closing up
Sixty years on a market stall is a long time and one of Stockport's best known traders has finally decided to call it a day. Susan Shaw was drawn into market life as a young girl when she began helping at her dad's drapery stall just after the Second World War. She later went on to manager her own stall - selling baby and children's wear.

Plans to regenerate a large area of vacant land in [the] town centre have been revealed. Satnam Planning Services has submitted a planning application to SMBC for a 30,000 sq ft warehouse on a site at the junction of Marsland St and Water St. [It] can be viewed at Hygarth House, Wellington Rd Sth.

Stockport Hatworks is launching an exclusive Heritage Club aimed at children aged 6-13. A membership fee of £10 - plus a small additional charge for events - will see children enjoy trips to venues including Staircase House, Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Bramall Hall.

Squadron marks its 30 years
RAF veterans from WWII and members of the Stockport branch of the RAF Association joined more than 30 guests, staff and cedets to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1940 (Levenshulme) Squadron of the Air Training Corp.

Community groups in Edgeley are being asked to take part in a research programme and be in the chance of winning £40. Stockport Council for Voluntary Services wants to hear from groups to find out what they do and how they can be helped.