Saturday, June 24, 2006

Selling at Staircase House

Saturday saw three Trust members eager and ready to relieve the unsuspecting public of all their cash.

Doreen and Sharza Dethick with Coral Dranfield donned their period costumes to man a Heritage Trust stall at Saturday's Craft Fair, selling items produced by a variety of Trust members.

The Craft Fair was the first one tried at Staircase House and apart from a couple of visitors, who must have passed the stall ten times and may be for all I know still trying to find their way out of the building, all the smiling faces would seem to indicate that people had a good time, both viewing the crafts and the rooms that were open for inspection.

Although not a great amount was sold from the Trust stall, there was a lot of interest in who we are and what we are currently doing around the town and forty Heritage leaflets were taken away, which we hope may result in some new members.

All in all a very tiring but satisfactory day.