Friday, June 16, 2006

St. Thomas' Workhouse Viewing

On Monday June 14th, Jason Challenger very kindly took time out of his busy schedule, as Stockport College's Property Manager, to take three Trust members around the St. Thomas' Workhouse site.

The Building facing the car park, where families were split when they entered the workhouse, has many original features including a grand staircase.

The clock mechanism, although a little dirty is complete and could be made to work again. Although hand winding may not be practical for the College.

Angela Kenrick and Jason Challenger discuss the ins and out of putting a heritage display in the clock room, for they students to learn about the site's history.

The roof has now been made water tight, and the College are preparing to put their plans for the site before English Heritage at the beginning of July. Two of our members have been invited along to this meeting to support the college in its plans to save the two oldest buildings on the site and connect them with the area of new development.

For more about the site's history see St Thomas Workhouse history
For proposals of the site, see Strategy Proposal.