Sunday, August 20, 2006

Could the Savoy become a youth centre?

Kirk Crager of the Calvary Chapel, Stockport has contacted this blog hoping to make contact with those trying to save the Savoy from becoming a pub. His message is below.

Our charity as been looking for a more unorthodox place of having our meetings, as well as having a youth centre and a coffee shop type hang out. A kind of multi purpose facility to use for our charity but also to open up for youth in other ways. I think this is a much better use than another drunken pub...I just want to find out the contact details of people to see if this would be acceptable and if the other planning permission got stopped, maybe we could try. Or even we would be willing to rent a few days a week from the cinema in order to help it financially. I tried to rent it for Sundays about a year ago and was turned down. I have no idea why, especially now that I know they have been struggling financially...
Kirk Crager

For contact information, click on the name above.

Stockport Heritage Trust has not taken a position on the Savoy. We would love to see the cinema flourish, but I suspect the economics are stacked against it. We certainly wouldn't like to see the Savoy standing empty. It is to be hoped that some use, which creates amenities and jobs for Heaton Moor, while preserving the character of the building, can be found. I understand from Stagedoor, that the inside has already been extensively modernised following a fire sometime ago.

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