Thursday, August 24, 2006

Parks offer clues on town's history

[Stockport Times excerpt - 24 Aug 06]
Many of Stockport's green spaces and parks hold fascinating clues to the town's past.
Visitors to some of Stockport's Heritage Open Days will be able to see this for themselves, at events taking place between Thursday 7 and Sunday September 10.
Visitors can stroll along the Heaton Moor ConservationTrail and families are are invited to take part in period games.
Heaton Moor was Stockport's first railway suburb. The park was openedon the occasion of Queen Victoria's Jubilee, July 17, 1897, and was covered by by-laws which provide an interesting insight into life at the time, for instance: "carpets, mats, etc. not to be shaken or beaten" and "pea shooters not to be used".

On Saturday, September 9, volunteer guides will be leading a walk along the historic flight at Marple Locks. In May 1794, construction of the Peak Forest Canal began, stretching from Whalley ridge to Ashton.

Vernon Park is Stockport's oldest park, opened in 1858 and restored to its Victorian splendour through a Heritage Lottery Fuind grant in 2000.
[For details of the many events see Stockport Heritage Days.]