Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Medieval Mellor

There have been hints dropped that this year's key discoveries at the Mellor Dig are medieval. This is intriguing, as once more the evidence of continuous occupation has been extended, but this time closer to the current day.
Having been able to find a reliable, but unattributable, inside source, I am able to reveal that what has been found are rows of massive round postholes carved out of the bedrock and clearly intended to hold treetrunk sized uprights. The source, who is a qualified archeologist, thinks it is evidence of an aisled hall on a north south axis at a 45 degree angle to the church tower and dates it as Norman. It is within the defensive ditch area in the rectory garden.
The dig has also turned up another hunting arrowhead (iron) of medieval date.
It is theorised that what has been found is the orginal Mellor Hall used by the forestors of the Peak Forest.