Friday, January 05, 2007

Council soon to choose developer for former cinema site

"Council bosses are expected to approve the sale of the former Cannon cinema site, next to Cobdens pub on the A6, to property developers next Monday." See the Metro News report, Cinema site plan boost, for the full story.

As I understand it, the Council consider this development essential to:
  • fund the development of St Peters Square; and
  • provide a noise barrier between the square and the A6.

While I understand these points, a large part of Stockport's problem is that the town centre is invisible from the A6. A large number of commuters and travellers pass through Stockport thinking there is not much there except a Town Hall and a MacDonalds. I would have thought that some sort of visual link between the A6 and the town centre is essential to boost the commercial and tourist development of the town.