Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Phone mast for Woodbank Car Park, planning application

Installation of a 15 Metre telegraph pole supporting 3 antennae and a equipment cabinet.
Woodbank car park, Turncroft Lane, Little Moor, SK1 4BL.
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr R Dickins 0161 474 3550
Consultation Expiry Date: 24-01-2007
Documents (None on line at time of posting)

This seems to be a reapplication of DC023768 which was refused in October. (I placed an objection to this original application to the effect that if one accepted that a mast had to be built in the car park, which I didn't, they had chosen one of the worst locations within the car park. The original application was reported on this blog at 3G mobile mast, Woodbank Car Park.