Thursday, November 17, 2005

Covered Market Hall discussion

Just to let you know, I am meeting with Steve Burns of the SMBC Regeneration team tomorrow afternoon. If anyone wants to contact me with further thoughts or observations before then, I will use it to inform my discussion.

Steve has seen my posting of 20 October 2005. Very briefly, I am in favour of investment in the Market Hall, rather than just a strategy of repair and mend, but I am not convinced that the plans put forward are the best. There may even be a risk that they undermine the market. But information is lacking to make this judgement. I hope at least to be better informed after the meeting.

These are my personal views. They may be at odds with market traders who, I am told favour maintenance only. Except for one trader, I haven't received any feedback from members or blog readers that contradicts me.

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