Saturday, November 05, 2005

Market consultation display removed

The display boards which formed what SMBC call a consultation, have been removed.

I have spoken to a stall holder in the Covered Market Hall, she reckons that all the stall holders are against the plans. They have seen what happened to the Produce Hall when it was redeveloped. The perception is that what was one a bustling market hall is now quite quiet, which is why some of the stalls are now empty. The belief is that that suits SMBC who would like to turn it into a conference hall.

Specifically, the traders don't like making the north side of the hall cafes. They think shoppers want penetrate into the south end so trade will die.

She thinks these plans could bring to an end the 700+ year old market.

If you haven't sent your message to the Council, call 480 7659, email, or write to Market Office, 1st Floor, 19 Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1HA.

I would be interested in your comments to this posting, to help the Trust form it's formal stance.

For more information see, "do you feel consulted?"