Saturday, November 12, 2005

Heritage Centre on the internet

1920s bride
Originally uploaded by Trevira.
Trevira has posted a number of photos of the Heritage Centre to Flickr. You will see her photo of our toy soldier elsewhere on this page. I thought you might like to see the rest.

Says Trevira, "I really enjoyed this display, being an aspiring dress historian, and it was an inspired idea to curate a selection of garments that everyone invariably keeps and treasures."

Explore her photostream for old ephemera including fashions, toys and wrapping paper.

The Heritage Centre, if you don't already know, is in St Mary's, Churchgate, Stockport and is open Tues, Fri and Sat (market days) and is run by volunteers always keen to talk about Stockport's history and heritage.
2 war time dresses



war time bride

mother of the bride