Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stockport Times - 24/11/05

Library will be closed for decoration
The lending section will be closed from Monday 28 Nov until Saturday 10 Dec.
The Local Heritage and Information sections will be closed from Saturday 10 Dec until Tuesday 20 Dec.

Abney Hall Gate Post (not at risk from the cycleway)Abney Hall plan 'stupid' say Cheadle Civic Society. They are objecting to a cycle path across Abney Hall estate from Roscoe Roundabout to Mill Lane near Alexandra Hospital, then along Mill Lane to Cheadle. The Cheadle Civic Society object to making a 2.5 metre gap in the wall on Mill Lane.

I would have thought that improving travel for cyclists and opening the grounds up to cyclists would be a boon. Would a 2.5 metre hole in the wall be too greater a price to pay? What do you think?