Sunday, January 29, 2006

Planning Applications - phone mast Cheadle Heath

DC021825 Erection of a 27m phone mast, Lex Vehicle Leasing, Heathside Park Road, SK3 0RB
Orange is applying to erect a 25m mast with 3 panel antennae and 2 0.6 metre dishes (overall height 27m) in the Green Belt. They claim they will mitigate this by planting trees.
There is no reference to low-level pulsing at night, which I gather may interrupt sleep patterns. The closest housing is on Kenilworth Road.
View the application via this link or at Cheadle Library. Supplementary information, Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3.
Date of application: 6/1/06
End of consultation: 5/2/06