Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stockport Times/Express reports

For the full stories refer to the Stockport Times.

Let's test the canal water
The feasibility of re-opening the canal from Ashton to Broadstone Mill Reddish depends on the results of the suil used to in-fill the canal (not water as suggested by the headline). There is 80,000 cubic metres of the stuff. It it's contaminated that will be a mjor problem. Under modern law, if the in-fill is contaminated with even just trace elements of the noxious chemicals which were common-place in manufacturing until relatively recently, the preferred strategy is to leave it where it is. Once disturbed, then the contractor becomes responsible for removing, moving and containing the contaminated soil which can be very expensive.
For more details on the history of the canal and the plans for re-opening, see the latest edition of Stockport Heritage Magazine.

Land to be sold to fund square
Where the Cannon Cinema once stood on the A6, is an attractively landscaped area linking Garrick Theatre, the Hat Works, and an excellent Chinese Buffet with the Plaza, Stockport Village and St Peter's. The Council plans to sell this land to ehlp fund the St Peter's Masterplan.
Sandy Penfold, Assistant Director of Regeneration, is quoted as saying, "The original purchase and demolition of the Cannon Cinema was funded through European money with the intention that it would be temporarily landscaped to allow for future development.
"However, when any open space has been there for a while, it has certain beneficial characteristics. So we wanted to make sure any development would allow for the creation of a better public space."
"St Peter's Square will become an important nucleus for the town's evening economy. So a restaurant would be appropriate but it could also be used for office space."
It does seem counter-productive to build over one public space to create another public space. The explanation is that it is hoped that a new building will help shield the square from fumes and noise pollution from the A6. I thought the point of the plan was to draw people into Stockport not turn its back on the A6.

Gay history celebrated
February is Gay Bisexual Trans History Month. People Like Us Stockport (PLUS), Age Concern Stockport and other agencies are holding a number of events.

Tesco 'plan breaches' row grows
This Times article makes a big thing of a Friends of the Earth report. All the report says of Stockport is, "In Stockport, Tesco's drive to dominate has resulted in planning restrictions being ignored, with the new store 20 per cent larger than planning permission allowed." The article also refers to Forum of Private Business report, also claiming that Tesco is "too powerful, too greedy and too dominant", but no reference to Stockport. Elswhere in the times, a headline reads, "Tesco 'much needed' says councillor", this relates to Coun. Kevin Hogg supporting a new Tesco Express on Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove.

Snubbed! Ikea picks Ashton site
This Express report reveals that Ikea has given up on building on Tiviot Way and has chosen an Ashton site.