Friday, January 27, 2006

Stockport Times/Express 26 Jan

Former pupil and Cheadle Primary School teacher Heather Clarke has written Cheadle: A Village History, which is available at Cheadle Library for £8.50.

Praise for 'right to roam' Act
David Bratt, chariman of the Stockport-based Peak & Northern Footpaths Society said,
"Some authorities need more than one reminder about out of condition paths, but we find the relatively recent Country and Rights of Way Act 2000 gives our society a powerful legal basis for requesting path are put in order for all walkers to enjoy."

Steering group must fill IKEA void
STOCKPORT Council will form a special steering group to look at filling the economic void left by Ikea’s decision not to come to the borough.
Coun Goddard said: "It will be a major development and we are looking for another flagship company that will bring in a large number of jobs.
"If possible we want to alleviate the massive potential job losses, especially in Brinnington, which would have benefited greatly."
Efforts will be given a major boost by the site being reclassified as a town centre location – and therefore subject to less stringent planning rules – in the new Unitary Development Plan due out in spring.

Hero risks own life to save plunge man
Will Brockett, 21, has been hailed a hero by police bosses after rushing into the River Goyt when the man had jumped 100ft off Union Road bridge, New Mills.
Miraculously the 40 year-old escaped serious injury but was being dragged under by the current until Will arrived.
[This story reminds me of the tales of workers surving falls from the Stockport Railway viaduct during construction.]

Yellow shop ‘wrong’ for town image
The rear of the 19th century former Wellington Inn building, once a refreshment stop for passengers travelling by horse-drawn carriage, was repainted bright yellow after being occupied by the Big Saver shop in December.
The building is inside a newly-designated conservation area stretching from St Petersgate to the railway viaduct.
Parveen Hakim, the Big Saver owner, said the new colour attracted customers to the discount store and Stockport Council had not objected.
A Stockport Council spokesman said the borough could not force the tenants to repaint it but would contact them about advertising on the exterior walls, which needs permission.
But landlord Joshua Padwa intends to ask the shop owners to tone down the colour. "In the lease, it specifically states that he should not do anything at all without the landlord’s permission. I will write to the tenants, telling them there’s an outcry," he said.
Stockport heritage librarian David Reid said the historic inn, formerly known as the Up and Downer due to its split-level entrances, was built a year or so after Wellington Road, around 1827.