Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Heritage Blog

It is one year since the launch of the Stockport Heritage blog. To revisit the early days, click on "October 2005" in the right hand margin.

Our readers' survey posted earlier this week, showed how interesting readers find it.

To see a snapshot of current usage, go to blog stats.

Recent searches which have brought people to our blog have included:

  • stockport heritage
  • stockport workhouse
  • stockport market ghost walk
  • limekiln cottages marple
  • river etherow bleaching co
  • stockport heritage centre
  • radio masts in romiley
  • historical stockport

32% of our visitors are repeat visitors and more than 22% of our visitors view the pages for more than 5 minutes.

We have recently earned $100 from the Google adverts on these pages.
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Thank you to all our contributors and readers who have made these pages such a success. We plan to build on this popularity and we will soon start implementing the improvements requested in the readers' survey.