Saturday, October 14, 2006

Merseyway Mini-Market

New market stalls on MerseywayFor the second week, there has been a market at the bottom of Bridge Street. It's not in competition with the medieval market, but an outpost and advert for it. The hope is it will make the large numbers of people who walk Mersey aware of the market and lure them up Bridge Street.
As I approached, I heard someone say, "Ooh! A market." So it is doing it's job.

Market leafletTo the right is a copy of one of the leaflets being distributed. Below is the view from the market down to its new outpost. A les tiring route is via the TK Maxx lift

Is it really successful? Well I didn't drawn up Bridge Street to the market. A market gazebo was placed halfway up the hill, to give punters something to aim for. The gazebo was empty and at an extreme angle, so looked abandoned rather than leading to an lively market. May be a string of wall pendants or bunting might be more successful.

See a previous posting for Cllr Sue Derbyshire's perspective.

View from market down to Merseyway