Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reddish Baths

Thank you to Andy Stewart, from the Friends of Reddish Baths, for coming last night to our October Social Night at the Old Rectory.

The talk he gave us about the history of bathing since Roman times, and the history of and fight to save Reddish Baths, was entertaining, as well as informative and a little sad.

Andy explained to us about the building as a whole, which contained at one time, the small village pool, the firestation (a mini version of the one in Mersey Square) and the Library. The baths are now closed, the ground floor of the firestation is used as a community centre, the Library is also looking to re-house some where bigger.

The Friends of Reddish Baths are willing to take over the lease of the baths from the council and run it themselves.

In this day and age, when distinguished buildings such as these are no longer wiped away, but instead valued and put to best use, it seems a shame that a Group striving to help with this process are not given more support.