Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stockport Scoops UK's Leading Independent Regeneration Award

Shawcross Fold was designated as a regeneration project in order to protect and restore the listed buildings which enclose one side of the town's historic Market Place. Of particular concern was the survival of Staircase House, but with financial assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage and the North West Regional Development Agency, this has been transformed into an award winning heritage attraction.
In partnership with Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust and private owners, the remainder of the listed buildings have been repaired and converted for commercial, residential and museum use.
Steven Normansell, Director of Development and Technical Services, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust commented: �Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust worked with the Council on the housing elements of this challenging project from 1995 to 2005 when the last flats were completed and occupied. Members and Officers from Stockport Council always had a strong and common belief that a quality scheme could be delivered on this important site and that the scheme would have a major impact on the Town Centre.
�We are delighted that their earlier and unstinting support for the Project has been justified and that the importance and quality of the finished scheme has now been recognised at a National level by this award to the Council.�

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