Sunday, September 17, 2006


Mela, Stockport Town HallThe Mela at the Town Hall was well worth a visit. The SMBC site tells me that Mela is an ancient Indian word meaning 'to meet' and Melas are multicultural festivals incorporating music, dance, food and other aspects of British Asian culture in the UK.

The Stockport Mela was a South Asian festival or bazaar. Live South Asian music was belting out, food, clothes and momentoes were on sale. It was also very pratical in that there were many informative council stalls as well. So I got an update on the Shaw Heath Renewal Area amongst other things.

I am going to sound very old now, I just wish the music was quieter. I was having a chat with the lady on the Sri Lanka stall, telling her of my Sri Lankan Heritage, but we gave up after a while.

The Mela was the first of many events for Black History Month. One of the upcoming events is the Stockport Jamboree all day at the Market on Saturday 7th October. This will be complemented by Staircase House Goes Global, on the same Saturday 12pm-5pm, £3.50.

Full list of events.