Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mersey Vale Nature Park

I hadn't heard of the Mersey Vale Nature Park until I found their stall at the aforementioned Richmond Road Park Farmers' Market. It is Stockport's newest park, lying between Craig Road and the Mersey. It includes 5.6kms of paths, enough open space to fit 30 football pitches, part of the Trans-Pennine Trail, and the rare Banded Damoiselle Damselfly. These latter are southerners who have moved up north in the last two years in response to global warming.

canoe access pointI learnt that what I have been describing as fishing piers are actually canoe access points, two of which lie within this park.

This is part of an on-going work. A planning application was reported on this blog on 21 July (click here), but I admitted at the time that I didn't understand what it was in aid of.

The park is there for "stroll, cycle, horse-ride and canoe", though I am afraid motorcyles and the odd stolen car are not uncommon.