Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stockport History Walk

The Heritage Trust's contributions to the National Heritage Open Days, were four guided walks of Stockport's past.

Jim Clare addresses a group outside St Marys
Starting at St. Mary's Church in the Market Place, groups of thirty people were taken along the Underbanks, down Old Oak Yard,

Steve Cliffe and Sharza Dethick outside St Marys
shown the river and the site of Lancashire Bridge, and finished with the history of Castle Yard and the market area.

Kevin Dranfield addresses a group outside Winter's, Underbanks

The turnout was exceptional and Kevin Dranfield and Jim Clare, who lead the walks were congratulated on doing a fine job.

Kevin Dranfield addresses the group outside The While Lion, Kath Taylor looks on

Kevin concludes the walk outside St Marys